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Our pigs are bought as feeder pigs, raised outdoors and finished out on non-GMO corn and field peas raised on our farm. No antibiotics or growth hormones are added to the feed. 


Two times a year, in June and October, we deliver them to the Cordova Locker to be processed. Your pork can be purchased by the whole or half. The price is $1.90 per pound hanging weight, plus processing. To secure your pork order, a deposit is required before we take them to the locker. For a whole pork the deposit is $180 and a half is $90.

If you have any questions, please call or send us an email!



We also offer high quality, lean ground pork and pork sausage. 


You can purchase ground pork and pork sausage in frozen 1 pound packages.  The ground pork is $4 per pound and the pork sausage is $4.50 per pound. To order ground pork, simply call or shoot us an email and we’d be happy to help. Ground pork and pork sausage can be arranged for pick up or at the farm.

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