We receive our chicks when they are just one day old. After three weeks of age they live outside until they are ready to be processed at 7 weeks. They are fed a ration of non-GMO corn and field peas that are raised on the farm along with a poultry premix.  No low level antibiotics are used in the feed.  


The price for one whole, bagged, dressed chicken is $14.00. They average at least 4 pounds, but if they are less than that we will make a cost adjustment. You will receive your chicken whole and bagged with the giblets: livers, gizzards and hearts included.  


Our delivery dates are in May and September. We deliver to Seward, Dorchester, Crete, Milford, and two Lincoln locations so you can pick up your chickens in a location that 's most convenient for you! Check out our Order Form page for exact delivery dates and locations!